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Beautiful nighttime destinations for a date


Start 9:50

Take the monorail to Tennozu Isle Station

Meet friends at the central Tokyo Monorail gates This space is indoors, so it’s perfect for meeting people on rainy days. Step outside and find a skywalk linking the various buildings, so you can go to and from and be impervious to the elements.


Enjoy breakfast at Breadworks

The shop, which once served as a warehouse, has been renovated into a spacious and bright interior. Fresh salads and soups are delivered right to the shop from the adjoining kitchen. This is the perfect way to enjoy a graceful breakfast in style. Click here for the Breadworks page


Enjoy shopping at Slow House and then lunch at Soholm

SLOW HOUSE is a two-story shop featuring a range of clothing, food, and home products that are made with care for society and the environment and that you will be sure to love for years to come. Hop over to the adjacent Soholm for a bite of lunch. Soholm serves carefully matured charcuterie and wild game dishes made from venison, wild boar, and more, making for a very unique lunch. This is the perfect place to gather with friends and loved ones and share a table of food.


Tour Bond Street while taking in the sights and sounds of the boardwalk

After your meal, you will find a boardwalk (Third Waterfront Plaza) right in front of the shop. Along the waterways, see a variety of plants and flowers. There is always something in bloom at any point of the year.


Relax at Higashi-shinagawa Park

In spring, the cherry blossoms burst forth into bloom here, and you will also find a myriad of other plants to see. Relax on a bench while watching the canals flow by and beholding the beauty of the flowers. This is a great place to have a chat.


Enjoy shopping at Pigment

Pigment carries some of the rarest and hardest to find art supplies from Japan. You will find a dizzying array of vessels and containers holding paints and pigments along the wall. Some of these colors are truly dazzling to the eyes and beautiful in their own right.


Examine fine art in the Art Hall

On the first floor of Tennoz Central Tower is the Art Hallで, which is open to the public with free admission. The exhibits change periodically, letting you see the work of various artists. This is where you really see the artistic side of Tennoz Isle shine.


Stroll the boardwalks and take in the breeze

Stroll along the boardwalk (2nd Waterfront Plaza), taking breaks as you go at the seats in the Canal Garden. In spring, enjoy the cherry blossoms; in winter, take in the beautiful display of lights. This location is frequently used for magazine photo shoots and the like.


Take a breather at the Galleria at Sea Fort Square

Sea Fort Square has a range of restaurants, with many offering take-out. Grab some take-out and pull up a seat at the spacious atrium to enjoy your lunch. The second floor also has seating, so you can have lunch, drinks, and crepes while you watch the monorail whiz past. This is a popular spot. The view is different in the afternoon and evening, so it’s perfect for a date.


See a live show at The Galaxy Theatre

Many famous performances have been shown at The Galaxy Theatre. The classically-styled interior is truly impressive. 


The Cruise Club Tokyo

See passenger ships from The Cruise Club Tokyo illuminated at night, and start your evening as you watch the sun sink below the horizon.

Tennoz Isle Park #9

Here you can see the night skyline along the Metropolitan Expressway and the Ooi area. This spot is a little-known hideaway. It’s perfect for chatting late into the night while you watch the canals flow by.

Sea Fort Square (◆Shinagawa Wharf Bridge)

Proceed along the Shinagawa Wharf Bridge and you will see the array of buildings along Tennoz Isle come into view. This spot has wonderful breezes coming off the canals.

Sea Fort Square (◆Center Court)

Center Court has served as the set for numerous television programs! It is extremely moody and beautiful when illuminated at night.

Warehouse district (◆Takahama Canal promenade)

This promenade spans from the Fureai Bridge to the opposing coastline, letting you see the entirety of Tennoz Isle. The lights from T.Y.HARBOR and Fureai Bridge reflect off and intermingle with the illuminated boats cutting across the water, creating a truly bewitching mood.

Boardwalk 2 (2nd Waterfront Plaza)

On your way back, stroll the boardwalk as you chat with your date.

Houseboat tours (◆Fureai Bridge)

Take a touring houseboat as you look up at the illuminated Fureai Bridge -- beautiful! This might just be the perfect place to confess your crush!

(◆) is the name of the standing position
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