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Here we introduce four running trails that let you briskly enjoy the Tennoz environs.

Rainbow Bridge Route

Head north along the Takahama Canal to reach Rainbow Bridge. The road is wide along the canal side, but there are usually not too many cyclists or pedestrians, so it’s perfect for a run. Enjoy the breezes on Rainbow Bridge and gaze out from an elevated location at Odaiba and the city center.
Rainbow Bridge pedestrian hours
April-October: 9:00 AM--9:00 PM
November-March: 10:00 AM--6:00 PM
(gates close 30 minutes prior in both seasons)

*Closed on third Monday of each month (open on holidays, in which case closed the following day)


Canal and Futoh Bridge Route

Travel north along the canals and take a right at Shin Konan Bridge as you head towards the pier. Reach the Konan Ohashi Bridge and you will find Odaiaba before you, with Rainbow Bridge to the left and the bullet train shooting past to your right. There’s so much to see at this exciting location. The pier is serviced by large trucks and other vehicles, but there is relatively little foot traffic, so it is a safe and convenient place to walk. The street lamps that go on at night make it a popular destination for runners, and you can take your jog while looking out at the lights of Shinagawa.

Seaside Route

Start your route from Sea Fort Square! Here you will find lines feeding into the highways, monorail, and bullet trains, and there are no traffic lights along the canals, so you can cruise along with ease.
You will see the scenery change markedly from the Shinagawa seaside to Kitashinagawa, and the streets are lively with activity.
Note that the roads are narrow, so please drive with caution.
Tennoz Bridge and Rakusui Bridge, near your goal destination, give out onto beautiful views of Tennoz Isle floating at sea.


Shinagawa Konan Shortcut Route

The old streetscape of the former Higashi-shinagawa area opens out onto the Keihin No. 1 highway.
Take a turn at Sengaku-ji Temple to reach what is called the “Haunted Tunnel.”
This tunnel only allows vehicles up to 1.5m tall! This seems shocking low, and what’s more, the tunnel is super long! Ordinarily, you would have to take a long detour to get from Takanawa to the Konan area, so those in the know like to use this spooky but handy shortcut.
Once you exit, you descend south along the canal and reach Tennoz Isle.

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