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Overview and Current Status of TENNOZ

Tennoz is located on the coastal area of Shinagawa and took an active part in Edo era as the fourth Odaiba (No. 4 Battery), and in recent years, hosted distribution warehouses.
In 1985, "Tennoz Integrated Development Council" was established by 22 companies who owned the land in Tennoz.
With this, the largest private urban planning totaling the area of 22ha was launched with the concept of "Creating an environment to stimulate human intelligence and creativity"; since launching, our development has been steadily growing.
Moving into the 21st century, Shinagawa’s coastal area is expanding redevelopment to surrounding districts such as the JR Shinagawa east exit (SHINAGAWA GRAND COMMONS) and construction of the JR Shinagawa bullet train station.
We can expect more maintenance and development to be in progress in the area.

Concept for the Development "Creating an environment to stimulate human Intelligence and Creativity."

Urban Planning based on fostering a creative environment for people in the 21st century.

As we entered the 21 century, we were released from simple tasks due to IT development. Now it’s becoming more essential to use our abilities, including intelligence, creativity and communication, etc. TENNOZ ISLE developers looked at this major trend.
While our urban planning was centered on businesses, we focused on not only their functionality, but also adding cultural values that stimulate their sensibility, intelligence and comfort of the external environment to be functional for workers in the city, whether it’s business, leisure or daily life.

Characteristics of Tennoz Isle Development

1) Providing an external environment surrounded by water and greenery

Taking great advantage of the Tokyo Bay waterfront location, land owners actively promote jointly or individually to maintain parks, streets and squares.
As a result, its appealing landscapes have established an urban resort in the heart of the city among visitors.
The boardwalk around the island is an especially beloved site of Tennozu Isle by many people from inside or outside the island to relax and enjoy themselves.

2) Rich cultural facilities

The Galaxy Theatre boasts 746 seats and is arranged in a three-tiered, horseshoe-shaped design.
The stage is up close and located, at the farthest, just 20 meters away from the seats, creating the ideal place for a direct live performance.
Here you will find theater, musicals, music, dance, and a wide range of other performing arts.
Tennoz Isle also has numerous buildings housing galleries and multi-purpose halls, so the area has grown into a city of art.。

3) Retail facilities where people communicate and create a vibrant atmosphere.

Tennoz Isle is busy with the din of people even on the weekends and through the evening.
There are many shops and restaurants that serve as congregation spaces, and there is lots to see, do, and shop for.
Many shops are located on the first and second floors of buildings, letting pedestrians see what’s on offer as they walk.
The area is designed for maximum convenience for nearby workers and residents.
Many of the open plazas at the feet of each building are used to host open-air markets and food trucks, part of the Tokyo Municipal Ordinance on“creating a stylish city.”

4) Right next to the heart of the city. Easy access to Haneda Airport.

This perfect location is exactly 7km straight from both Haneda Airport and Tokyo Station. It is served by the Tokyo Monorail, and is 15 minutes from Terminal 1 of Haneda Airport and 4 minutes from Hamamatsu-cho Station.
There is also the Rinkai Line (Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit), that takes you from Shinkiba Station in 10 minutes and from Ozaki Station in 7.
Making a transfer to the Tokyo Monorail and Rinkai Line has become even more convenient since the installation of a south gate in March 2001 at Tokyo Monorail.
Now you can hop onto the Saikyo Line and other rail lines from Tennozu Isle Station and reach Shinjuku Station in 18 minutes.
Traveling through Tennozu Isle is the fastest route from Haneda Airport, and you can reach Shinjuku in 44 minutes (including transfer time).
The area is also just five minutes from a circular bus route departing out of Shinagawa Station.
Renovations to the Tennoz Fureai Bridge have enabled access on foot by promenades along the Takahama Canal.

Rinkai Line: In March, Tennozu Isle Station by Rinkai Line started its operation.
Because of this, travel times to Odaiba and Chiba area were drastically improved.
For example, it is now 3 min. to travel from Tokyo Teleport Station and 10min. from Shin-Kiba Sta.
In December, 2002, this Line was extended to operate Oimachi and Osaki, and started the shared operation with JR Saikyo Line.
This shows how accessibility has been improved for traveling to West side Tokyo and Saitama areas.

Toei Bus:5 min. ride to Shinagawa Station by Tennozu Isle Circuit Bus. Accessible from Oi-machi and Meguro area by bus as well.

Limousine Bus:90 min. ride to Narita Airport by Limousine Bus.

Skywalk:Each building in Tennozu Isle is connected by Skywalks on the 2nd floor so people have access to each building without going through intersections with car traffic or getting wet in the rain.

Getting here by Car:Metropolitan Exressway / 3 min. drive from the Shibaura Ramp of the Metropolitan Expressway (Route 1 Haneda Line) or 5 min. drive from Oi Ramp or Oi South Ramp (Bayshore Route).

Pedestrian Bridge (TENNOZ FUREAI BRIDGE):15 min. walk from Tennoz Isle to Shinagawa Station using the pedestrian bridge, Tennoz Fureai Bridge, located in the northwest part of Tennozu Isle. Tennozu Isle has become an area with excellent access coupled with the redevelopment of the East Exit of Shinagawa Station.

Current Status

Visitor Trend

Compared to places like Shibuya and Roppongi, we have somewhat higher age-group visitors.
Visitors are mainly males in their 30’s and females in their late 20’s and are of workers in the neighborhood or couples.
Our district also features an elderly female group and young families as visitors.

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